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The scientific community recognises that spirulina participates in the reinforcement of the immune system.

Studies showed that phycocyanine influenced the stem cells located in bone marrows. These are used for producing white blood cells which constitute the cellular immune system and red blood cells which ensures the oxygenation of the body.


Several elements contribute to strengthening the immune system:

• Increase in the number of macrophages, lymphocytes and their activities
   (references 20 and 22)

• Increase in the number of antibody producing cells and stimulation
   of their production (ref. 21, 22 and 23)

• Increase in the number of white blood cells and in red blood cells by
   the polysaccharides of spirulina (ref. 25)).

• An antiviral action, limiting the replication of certain viruses (ref. 24 and 24a).

• Moreover the lack of antioxidant is directly the source of weakness for
   the human bodies as shown by the SUVIMAX study.


Pre-biotic effect

One also notes a positive impact on the intestinal flora:
340% increase of lactobacillus


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